Gravel Cologne New York 1957

New York 1957, the year when Michael B. Knudsen created one of the oldest perfume brands available in the USA today; Gravel Cologne. A decade that would make history. It was a time of change, vigor and energy. An era defined by icons like James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and Marlon Brando. The scenery was dominated by elegant men and women dressed to the nines, and on their heels, rebellious youth, wild and full of ideas, ready for their turn to change the world

Gravel Cologne perfumes capture this spirit. Its  timeless elegance, combined with a high intensity make Gravel Cologne fragrances, that echoe the decade of its birth.

Every Gravel perfume is the essence of a long and eventful life. Unique and charismatic like their creator Michael B. Knudsen (born 1911), who travelled from Europe Across the Ocean to the USA, pursuing the American Dream by creating Americas first men’s fragrance A Man’s Cologne. Over the decades his extraordinary life in the American metropolises and his European roots have inspired Knudsen to create perfume concepts that are unrivalled until this day.Vibrant classics that can be worn for every occasion. A night on the town, work or play, Gravel fragranes emphasize your personality with their exclusivity and exquisiteness.

The gravel in each bottle adds that special something, accenting the fragrances through the maturation process and round up the scents. These legendary perfumes have rolled through the decades and are still based on the finest of ingredients, exclusivity and the fact that Gravel Cologne fragrances are carried only by the finest boutiques.

Classic fragrances, timeless, uncompromised.

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